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The Indian Who Bombed Berlin and Other Stories


Coming to Manhood: Some Initiations
White Snakes and Red, and Stars, Fallen
Bathsheba's Bath, Bull Durham Bull, and a Bottle of Old Granddad
White Ashes, White Moths, White Stones
A Volga River and a Purple Sea

Some Struggles for Survival in Battle, Some in Bed
Ival the Terrible, the Red Death
Silver Mercedes and Big Blue Buick: An Indian War
The New World Invades the Old
Two Wars, Two Loves, Two Shores, and an Ocean on Fire
Raven Mocker Witches and Refugees
Campfire and Cone of a Pine
Crazy Horse Morris and an Orange Boat
A Farewell on the Way to War
Losers and Winners: An Ongoing Indian War
A Monster Mosquito Seeking Blood
A Way Home
Some Indian Wars, Some Wounds

All in the Family: Some Vanishing American Military Histories
A Vanishing American's First Struggles against Vanishing
Laugh before Breakfast
The Chicken Affliction and a Man of God
Hole Soldiers, Madonna and Child
A Sybarite and One of Columbus's Mistakes
A Handprint in Columbus's Homeland's Dust
A Vanishing American and the War Between the States
Some Killings, One Accidental
The Miracle Killing
Terrorism and Terrorized
Fractures, a Class Reunion
The Indian Who Bombed Berlin
Between Buses, Between Wars